The DAO Cryptocurrency Fund

A managed portfolio of cryptocurrencies

How it Works

Token Sale

DAO Tokens are being sold. 100% of the funds from the sale of these tokens are being placed into a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio including day trading, arbitrage, defi finance leveraging, altcoins and mainstream coins.

Fund Growth

Our diversified fund has historically provided much higher returns than the top 25 cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. Our portfolio includes BTC/ETH held in high interest awarding, audited, insured Defi leveraging accounts. We also arbitrage on newly developed markets and mitigate risk with high return stable coins.

DAO Token Value Increase

The Market Value of DAO Tokens are directly proportionate to the size of the DAO Fund divided by the number of DAO Tokens in circulation on the Market. You can liquidate your DAO Tokens at anytime.

Buy DAO Tokens

Dao Tokens are available for purchase on the Waves Decentralized Exchange.
Make an account and buy the token directly via USDC.