Buy Dao Tokens

DAO tokens represent a managed pool of invested cryptocurrency.

The growth of the DAO token is directly proportional to the success of the DAO fund.

Purchase instructions

  1. Sign up or login at the
  2. Load your account with cryptocurrency or Buy USDN through the Waves Platform
  3. Go to Trading. Click the toggle on the top right hand corner. Enter I agree.
  4. Search for token EzkEPqaJ7pU5hQ2VFc3s6tTv64oj5B9ghyFpBb2cJHiW.
  5. Click the DAO Token to USDN Pair
  6. Place a buy order for the same amount as the current sell orders, which you can find on the left hand side of the screen.
  7. When your ready to liquidate, place a sell order for your DAO tokens on the same page.