Buy DAO Tokens

Users can buy DAO Tokens on either of these 2 exchanges:

Universe Exchange

(easier but higher fees)

Waves Exchange

(cheaper but more complex)

How to purchase DAO Tokens
using The Universe Exchange

– Go to
– Register an account
– Go to the dashboard in the top right
– Buy DAO Tokens with Paypal or Debit Card

How to purchase DAO Tokens
using The Waves Exchange

– Sign up or login at the
– Load your account with cryptocurrency or Buy USDN through the Waves Platform
– Go to Trading. Click the toggle on the top right hand corner. Enter I agree.
– Search for token EzkEPqaJ7pU5hQ2VFc3s6tTv64oj5B9ghyFpBb2cJHiW.
– Click the DAO Token to USDN Pair
– Place a buy order for the same amount as the current sell orders, which you can find on the left hand side of the screen.
– When your ready to liquidate, place a sell order for your DAO tokens on the same page.